Bert Visscher - Zelden Zoiets Gezien Box Art

Bert Visscher - Zelden Zoiets Gezien


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Gen: Comedie

Data lansare: 01 Jan 2017


Haxel airport. Now Another small player between airports and New York JFK and Paris Orly. But the runway is almost a fact and the Hema found is willing to pick up the big red letters of the roof. Nothing is therefore a landing of Major discounters logged in the way. To Haxel Think big! Give nature back to the asphalt. A runway encountered on the way various pick-up points. Unique in Europe. Ter Haxel International Airport. Never hoof Laying Where Lies Netherlands. But then Tackle boys now. It is rumored that the first Boeing is already underway. And No Worries. A little lost kerosene Really not bad for your vegetable garden. Chest out and let all hell break but. Never save yourself. HE dying himself saves Gets No interest. That may immediately a tile.


Durata 107 minute
Limba Nederlands
Teme comedy theater
Actori Bert Visscher


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