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Gentlemen & Gangsters


5.6/10 din 4 voturi

Gen: Drama

Data lansare: 01 Jan 2016


Tv-series based on the novels "Gentlemen" and "Gangsters" by Klas Östergren. Bruised, the author Klas barricades himself in the eccentric Henry Morgan's huge apartment in Stockholm. It all started a year ago when Klas met Henry at the boxing Club Europe and was pulled into his improbable world. Henry, who fearlessly shares a mistress with bashful businessman Wilhelm Sterner, is now missing without a trace. Klas fears for his life. Desperately he compiles the chronicle of Henry Morgan's fascinating life and adventure.


Durata episod 90 minute
Retea Sveriges Television
Limba svenska
Teme romance drama thriller


  • Sezonul 1
    Episoade: 4
    Data lansare: 01 Jan 2016


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