Blondie Box Art

Sweden 4.3/10

Gender: Drama

Date of release: 23 Nov 2012

My Life Without Me

My Life Without Me Box Art

Spain Canada 7.3/10

Gender: Drama Romantic

Producer: El Deseo

Date of release: 07 Mar 2003

Hable con ella

Hable con ella Box Art

Spain 7.5/10

Gender: Drama Romantic

Producer: Good Machine

Date of release: 14 Mar 2002

Bez Konca

Bez Konca Box Art

Poland 7.2/10

Gender: Fantezie Drama

Producer: P.P. Film Polski

Date of release: 17 Jun 1985

The Secret Life of Words

The Secret Life of Words Box Art

Spain 7.1/10

Gender: Drama Romantic

Producer: Hotshot Films

Date of release: 15 Dec 2005

Angst essen Seele auf

Angst essen Seele auf Box Art

Germany 7.6/10

Gender: Drama Romantic

Producer: Tango Film

Date of release: 05 Mar 1974

East of Eden

East of Eden Box Art

United States of America 7.5/10

Gender: Drama

Producer: Warner Bros.

Date of release: 09 Mar 1955

Der blaue Engel

Der blaue Engel Box Art

Germany 7.4/10

Gender: Drama

Producer: Universum Film (UFA)

Date of release: 31 Mar 1930

Antoine et Colette

Antoine et Colette Box Art

France 7.2/10

Gender: Drama

Producer: Ulysse Production

Date of release: 22 Jun 1962

Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei

Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei Box Art

Germany Austria 7.2/10

Gender: Drama Comedie

Producer: ARTE

Date of release: 25 Oct 2004

La science des rêves

La science des rêves Box Art

France Italy 6.9/10

Gender: Fantezie Drama Comedie

Producer: Canal+

Date of release: 11 Feb 2006

Jenseits der Stille

Jenseits der Stille Box Art

Germany 6.7/10

Gender: Drama

Producer: Roxy Film

Date of release: 18 Dec 1996

Halbe Treppe

Halbe Treppe Box Art

Germany 6.9/10

Gender: Drama Comedie

Producer: Peter Rommel Productions

Date of release: 12 Feb 2002


Insomnia Box Art

Norway 6.6/10

Gender: Drama Thriller Crima

Producer: Norsk Film

Date of release: 14 Mar 1997

Rain Man

Rain Man Box Art

United States of America 7.6/10

Gender: Drama

Producer: United Artists

Date of release: 11 Dec 1988

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